• Tradition
    Define exactly what we mean by tradition.

  • Modernity
    Define exactly what we mean by modernity.

  • Diversity
    The global powers do not want diversity.  They use diversity as a wrecking ball  to crush national cohesion and destroy western societies. To  lay the foundation for a mono culture micro managed for maximum compliance.  A world of bland corporate group think . Any tribe or individual who tries to assert its presence outside the global mono system will be crushed.  The only response to the diversity mantra is to maintain group bonds and identity. avoid engaging in any miscegenation and resist the globohomo agenda

  • Tolerance 
    Tolerance means accepting something you don’t like. Ignoring things you disagree with. Accepting things you view immoral. It is another weapons used against us so we accept the global agenda. It is used indiscriminately and dishonestly. The cabal show no tolerance for dissent or any opposition. They will ruthlessly crush those who do not comply.. We need to realise this reality.

  • Socialism
    Define the Marxist definition verses the nationalist definition.

  • Controlled opposition
    Define how XR/Insulate Britain etc. have exactly the same motives and desires as the state,