Do we still have a country to call home, does England still exist as a national entity or have we become a vassal state of a global world order?

The globalists control transnational financial cartels, multinational corporations and both the legacy media and there new tech replacements. These are used to dominate and subjugate the nation state and its people.

Nefarious groups wanting to remodel the world have used any and every movement, both political and economic, to pursue their aims of dismantling the western world so it can be rebuilt to suit the global elite, an elite obsessed with control. Here in 2021 the COVID-19 agenda is the latest wrecking ball being used against the western world.

COVID-19 is not the existential threat to mankind that the global elites and their mainstream media mouthpieces are pushing but part of a political agenda being used to reshape society. We reject the insidious propaganda, mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports as just another form of control.