Our core principles.

  1. Family
    Putting the family at the heart of our society including rejecting the sexualisation of children and the current transgender agenda.

  2. Tradition and culture
    We must regain the common heritage and traditions lost to the onslaught of modernity. The trust and bonds that were built up over centuries need to be rebuilt to form a solid foundation for the future of our society.

  3. Localism
    Supporting local economies in preference to the large global enterprises which have little to no connection to the local communities.

  4. Community
    Promoting the distinct local community identities over the globalised corporate mono culture pushed by the global elites. This includes the rejection of the oncoming technocracy, the digital IDs and the complete surveillance state.

  5. Environment
    We need to reclaim environmental awareness from the left and promote living in harmony with the natural world including traditional regenerative agriculture. The anti-human doom mongering of the present elite must be rejected for a forward looking positive attitude.

  6. Religious and spiritual beliefs
    To support a cause greater than oneself whether through traditional religious belief or a more spiritual approach to life. A purely materialistic approach to life is not sufficient to embrace the magnificent country that we were born into.