Voice of the Shire

We are rapidly being turned into a globalised homogenised consumer state socially engineered to fit the global model, a rootless atomised people detached from their heritage, history and ethnic roots. A green and pleasant land that is neither respected or loved but exploited and commodified for profit. Our heritage sites are now used to push politically correct agendas, no longer are they simply awe inspiring works of architecture or historical beauty but symbols used for global political gains. We see statues of the men built who built this nation disrespected, torn down and hurled in rivers, our great political, industrial and military heros denounced as racist. Our history weaponised against us in the form of white guilt.

We have no illusions about the current situation but the old saying rings true, from little acorns mighty oaks grow. We cannot simply do nothing and cast future generations to the wind. We believe we can play a small part in creating a new England. Not the hollow vision of the global elites, not a nation built on bogus soundbites of diversity and equality.

Our goal is to see our shires bonded together by common heritage and tradition, local businesses invested in their communities wellbeing, not just for private profit. The trust and bonds that have existed for centuries need to be rebuilt.

A country for everyone is a country for no one and that is exactly want the global elites want, a country and its people that can be controlled and micro-managed, unable to offer any collective resistance. This is not the country that The Shire Society envisions. We see a country of order, of culture, of grassroots economies, a country of free men. A country where our sons and daughters can live without fear. A brave country that doesn’t cower before global threats of disease and ecological doom. A country of men and women, boys and girls free from state sponsored sexual and trans-human manipulation. A free people allowed to live a heathy life according to their own nature and the nature of our land in all its material and spiritual beauty.

Join and help us create a new England.